Gingee fort entry fee, timing, phone number, routes.


TIMING - 9:00 AM TO 5:30 PM

PHONE NUMBER - 9104145222072

Gingee fort is located in the Villupuram district of south Indian state Tamilnadu. Tamilnadu known to be one of the oldest civilization in the world. Tamil culture is very famous among the world. Many foreign people coming to Tamilnadu for experiencing the Tamil culture. Gingee fort is also know as Senji fort. Black and saffron rocks are used for build this forts. The fort is spread over area of hills of krishna giri, rajagiri and chandrayanyug. These hills are located in close proximity to each other. Trekking is required to reach the structures at the top of the hills. There are 400 steps to climb the krishnagiri hill. Similarly rajagiri is comparatively bigger than krishnagiri hill. It has more than 700 steps to trek. Below the Rajagiri hills we can see many structures. There is a magazine, a gymnasium, a palace site, an audience hall, a clock tower, a barn and an elephant tank. Another thing that caught my attention was that there are many Hindu temples and mosques near the fort. Gingee Fort is currently maintained by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI). They do a good job of satisfying and caring for incoming tourists. Trekking to Gingee Fort is not difficult and this place is safe for trek.

Gingee fort entry fee, timing, phone number, routes


Gingee Fort is a place where many kings, dynasties and kingdoms ruled alternately. Gingee fort was built by Ananta Kon of the Konar dynasty around 1190 AD. Later, many kings ruled the country through war until India gained independence. It became part of India after independence. Ananda Kone Dynasty, Kingdom Chola Empire, Vijayanagara Empire, Gingee Nayaks, Golconda Sultanate, Maratha, Mughal Empire, French Empire, United Kingdom, East India Company and British Raj. These are the empires who controls Gingee fort.


Gingee fort entry fee for Indian adult person is 20 rupees and below 15 age child have free entry. Gingee fort is following strict timing schedule morning 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM. Address of Gingee fort is Sevala purai post, Melmalayanur taulk, Gingee main road, Villupuram district, Tamilnadu 604202. Phone number is 91041452220722. Visitors can take ticket online very easy. Online ticketing process need identity card and mention number of child. 

Gingee fort entry fee, timing, phone number, routes


1. National fossil wood park.

2. sri mailam murugan temple.

3. Gidangal lake.

4. Sevalapurai fort.

5. Sad-at-ullah khan mosque.

6. Thiruvama thoor.

7. Auroville.

8. Thiruvakkarai national geological park.

9. Marakkanam beach.

10. Villupuram bead making village.

11. Sri ramana ashram.

12. Virupaksha cave.


Gingee fort is situated in Villupuram district. Gingee fort is 135 kilometer away from Chennai international airport. 74 kilometer away from Pondicherry international airport. But Pondicherry airport only proving limited number of air services so Chennai international airport is better option. Nearest railway station is Thindivanam railway station. Thindivanam is 30 kilometer away from Gingee fort. Therefore, travelers who prefer to travel by train will have to travel 30 km by road or car via NH 77 by car or bus.


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