5 must visit tourist places in Pondicherry. Pondicherry tourism.

5 must visit tourist places in Pondicherry. Pondicherry tourism.


Auroville is an experimental township founded in 1968 by Mirra Alfassa and designed by architect roger anger. The purpose of Auroville is to realize human unity. Auroville is a growing community of 27000 people from 50 nations and the vision for Auroville is that it belongs to nobody but humanity has the whole. Matrimandir is the main attraction for tourists in Auroville. Matrimandir is an edifice of spiritual significance .Its made of steels and covered golden leaves. Auroville providing free entry to Matrimandir and museum. Also we can experience some beautiful cafes and restaurant inside Auroville. The parking facility is not free they charging 20 rupees for two wheels. Auroville working time is 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Auroville is 13 kilometer away from Pondicherry. Visitors can easily can access Auroville by road.


Pondicherry museum exhibits wide range of artifacts and narrates the story of the city's rich culture heritage. Artifacts like stones, jewelry, coins and statues excavated from the heritage site are displayed at museum. Monday is not a working day for museum. Its working time is 9:00 am to 6:30 pm. Entry fee is 10 rupees for adult, 5 rupees for children and 50 rupees for foreigners.


Botanical garden built by French colonist on 22 acres with theme of  plots, aquarium and train rides. The entrance of this garden bears the nostalgia of French colony. It was established in the year of 1826. It is authentic French style. this garden consist of more than 15000 species of both native and international origins. There is no entrance fee for children who is below 12 . 20 rupees for adults. The timing is 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.


White town is the old name of french heritage town. It is an astonishing tourist destination in Pondicherry. This street will provide exact feelings of French colonialisation. Recently Pondicherry government ban the word wthite town due to racial Derogatory meaning . French heritage town is filled with many french architecture buildings, streetlights and beautiful flowers. Another attraction of these street is the coloring of buildings. Most buildings are painted with white and yellow.  This is one of the must visit place in Pondicherry. 


Rock beach is the one of the prime tourist attraction in Pondicherry. Rock Beach is located adjacent to the French Heritage Town. Promenade is the another name of Rock beach. Rock beach shores are well maintained by rocks with astonishing attraction. The walking area is very helpful for morning walk. Aslike we can see many french architectured building facing the beach is giving a foreign vibe. Gandi statue is another attraction in this area. The length of this beach is 1.5 km.