How to book cheap flight ticket

Rising airfares make it difficult for expatriates to travel India. Flight fares from Dubai to India are currently beyond what a common man can afford. Especially Airfare to selected non-major cities airports in India. The expatriates who want to come to India with their families have to face more difficulties. A family of five members has to spend lakhs of rupees to come home. If we pay attention to some things while booking the flight, we can reach home at a low cost. 


1) Compare travel agency and online agency rates. Some online agencies block many seats several days in advance so they can provide cheap flight tickets to the customer.

2) Use online agencies like Sky scanner to find out which company is selling the cheapest tickets. If you convey our requirements, they will help to understand the rates of many companies.

3) Rely on low cost carriers like Fly Dubai from Dubai to Kerala. If you are traveling with family you will have a big difference in the total cost.

4) Compare connection flight prices with direct flight. Connected flights will have a bigger percentage difference in ticket price than a direct flight. Flight with a short layover connection flight will have a larger difference in ticket price than a direct flight.

5) Select the flight to the nearest big city. Give importance to the airport in the nearest big city rather than the nearest airport. Example: There is a huge difference between Dubai to Coimbatore airport flight ticket cost and Bangalore airport ticket cost.

6) Before booking a flight through online agencies. Check if any offer is available there. Most of the online portals offer a good discount for credit card payment.