5 Days Saudi Arabia Tour Itinerary

 Saudi Arabia, a country with a variety of landscapes and a rich history, entices visitors with a tapestry of enthralling encounters. Every turn tells a different tale, from the contemporary skylines of Riyadh to the ancient wonders of Jeddah's Al-Balad. At the National Museum and Al-Masmak Fortress, you can immerse yourself in history, or you can be in wonder of the desert vista from the Edge of the World. Views into daily life can be found in the Corniche, Jeddah's waterfront, and the Souq Al Zal, a bustling market. The topuriousness of Saudi Arabia reveals a world where the past and present peacefully converge, whether one is pursuing modernism or embracing tradition. 5 days is minimum needed to cover this Riyadh and Jeddah. Before fixing your itinerary consider below given 5 days itinerary for your reference. 


Day 1: Riyadh

Arrive in Saudi Arabia's capital city, Riyadh, in the morning. Hotel Check in And fresh- up. Afternoon Explore the National Museum to learn about Saudi Arabia's history and culture. Visit the grounds and palace of Murabba. Head to the landmark historical location of Al-Masmak Fortress in the evening. Explore the crowded Souq Al Zal for local experiences and shopping. Overnight stay in Riyadh.

Day 2: Riyadh

Second day After breakfast Visit the King Abdulaziz Historical Center in the morning to learn more about the founder of the Kingdom's life and legacy. Explore the contemporary buildings on King Fahd Road. Afternoon Spend some time to the Edge of the World, a beautiful desert escarpment with breathtaking vistas, or explore the Riyadh Zoo. Dinning plan like Dine at a nearby restaurant while savoring traditional Saudi Arabian fare. Overnight stay in Riyadh.

Day 3: Jeddah

 After Breakfast morning, take a flight to Jeddah, a Red Sea port city. Afternoon Explore Al-Balad's historic quarter, which is renowned for its historic buildings, active markets, and traditional homes. Explore the souqs nearby and the Nasseef House. Evening Unwind along the Corniche, a charming beach walkway. Admire the Red Sea and the King Fahd Fountain, one of the tallest fountains in the world. Overnight stay in Jeddah.

Day 4: Jeddah

Morning after breakfast Visit the historic city of Al-Ula for the day. Visit the Madain Saleh UNESCO World Heritage Site, a Nabatean archaeological marvel comparable to Jordan's Petra. Explore Elephant Rock in the afternoon and take in Al-Ula's breathtaking desert scenery. Return to Jeddah in the evening. Spend your final evening relaxing at a café near the Corniche or shopping at the contemporary stores. Overnight stay in Jeddah

Day 5: Departure

After breakfast proceeds for shopping. Transfer to Airport.