Customized Tour vs. Group Tour: Which One Suits You Best?

Are you confused while buying travel package? are you ever wondered about the deference between group tour and customized tour/personal tour/ Tailor made tour? Before buying your travel package, this blog will help you understand whether a group tour or a customized tour is right for your situation.

Group tour means a tour with a group of people according to the pre-arranged plan by travel agencies. Normally group tour include 40-50 people. Most time you need to share the accommodation with other team members. Group tour include all the necessary components like flight, accommodation, visa, food etc.  Customized tour means tour is planned for particular individual or his team according to customer requirement. The ultimate power to choose the flight, accommodation type and activities rests with the customer. Honeymoon trip and family trip are the best example for customized tour. Compared to group tour, customized tour providing for private experience to the travelers.  Kindly go through the points given below. It will help you to clear your confusions regarding the type of tour you want.


Points You Should Know Before Deciding Group Tour or Custom Tour

Itinerary: Group tour itinerary will decide by travel agency. Customer will be unable to do any modification in that according to his/her interest. Activity time and selection of sightseeing also completely rests on travel agency. But customized tour itinerary preparation completely rests on the customer, travel agencies help the customer to create new itinerary according to customer interest. Travel agency will consider your accommodation preference, sightseeing preference, cab preference and food preference while preparation. If you are person who traveling for any special interest, customized tour package will be the best option for you.

l Cost: cost of the tour package is an important factor That influence the customer decision. There is a huge difference in cost of the group tour package and customized tour package. Group tour package is very cheaper than customized tour package. Group tour is like blocking all things (Flight, Accommodation, Bus, etc..) in large quantity. Here the travel agency gets the deal in best rate so the price of group tour package will be cheaper. But in the case of customized tour package blocking is not possible. And here the quantity is very less. So, travel agency will get the product in normal price. That’s why the cost of customized tour package is higher than group tour package. If you are very concerned about the cost of tour package and looking for cheaper option group tour will be the best option for you.

l Travel date: travel date is very important factor for taking travel decision. Family situation, office leaves, personal matters, these factors have high influence over tour date. In the case of group tour, travel date is fix by travel agency. Customer can't to change the date according to his/ her choice. But customized tour completely depends upon customer preference.

l Tour Manager: travel is a dynamic process. We can't predict 100 percentage. Sometime tourist will face difficulties. Group tour have a tour manager to control and coordinate the entire things of the tour. But in the case of customized tour customer don’t get tour manager. Instead, customer get on tour support service from travel agencies. On tour support service is depends on the travel agency. Every travel agency has different methods of customer support. Some travel agencies will provide the contact number of the tour operator at the particular travel destination.

l Risk: Compared to group tour, customized tour has more risk factors. Tour manager is an important factor here. Theft, cheating, etc are very common in tourist destinations. If you are a customer who is looking for tour manager assisted tour, Group tour will be the better option for you.

l Private Experience: For better private experience customized tour is the best option. If you are travelling for honeymoon, then customized tour is the best option. Group tour can't provide you that much private experience. And group tour is not that much flexible, activity time and schedules are very strict in group tours.

l social interactions: Group tours have fewer social interactions, but customers have better social interactions in a customized tour. Group tour only covers main destinations, but customized tour is completely depending on customer preference, this will give the opportunity for deep interaction with local people.